Who We Service

Our list of clients include banks, individual owners and investor groups.

Consulting Services

Investment real estate can be challenging in today's market. We can help guide you through these difficult times by inspecting and evaluating your investment real estate portfolio. We will offer practical and proven solutions to improve your efficiency and financial performance. Email us for information.

Property Protection

We can change locks, board-up windows or doors and clean-out personal property left behind by tenants.

Maintenance Repairs

Building, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, roofing, carpet, electrical and lawn maintenance by qualified professionals.

Renovation Services

If you need hardwood floors refinished or a complete new bath or kitchen, we can provide the necessary craftsman to complete your project for rental units or properties being prepared for sale.

Detailed Billing Statements

Monthly statements that itemize revenue and expenses.

Tenant Placement

We can locate qualified tenants for your unoccupied unit. We are specially trained in locating Section 8 tenants so you receive a "guaranteed income stream".

Tenant Screening

We conduct thorough background checks such as criminal history, credit reports and rental history.